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uh i think i started with 18, because they were the smallest tapers i could find…..but i’m definitely no expert so ahhhh no !

I’m trying to look for stuff, but the smallest I can seem to find is 14. I’m not sure exactly where to look.

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i bought all my gauging stuff from a spencers store in my mall. just make sure you read all about the warnings and need to know stuff before you start, because i had some mishaps because i’m a dumbass woops

Yeah, I’ve found this thing online that kidna tells you how to properly go about it and I saw somebody say that I should stay away from Spencers and Hot Topic. I’m kinda just looking around for stuff at this point. I’m not entirely sure what to go for though. I’m assuming starting at 16 should be okay. What do you think?

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same D:

Ugh, it’s awful. I just cannot draw a nice line. I can draw straight lines for the most part, but from what I’ve been told you’ve gotta just use quick strokes and hope and pray it works out fine, but I can’t even do that because it never ends up in the right place. Plus, I don’t see how that would work for most digital art I see. Everybody has such perfect and smooth lines! I just don’t get it.

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lol i know right

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omg looks delicious xD

It is, but it’s crazy sweet. Damn.

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isn’t that the best????? i love wearing people’s sweatshirts because they always smell like them WOW that sounds creepy

lol no not creepy at all. People smell nice haha

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ohhh i hope you’re okay???

I’ll be okay. I just have to live by the day. Just get through one day at a time. I’ll be okay.