Thanks guys. I’m at work now though so I can’t hide out in the bathroom forever and talk. :/

Ah okay. I knew I had heard something about new stuff and I had seen a bit about new Pokemon, but I wasn’t totally sure what the new games were called and all, but thanks! :3 I will add them to mah list.

As long as there aren’t too many bears you should be fine, and an air horn works too. It scares the hell out of them.

Yeah, well if I would be in the states and in an area like that I could pick some up there, but I can only get bear spray here and that’s for like hunters or hikers when they run into bears and the bears charge at them or some shit idk

Pepper spray is illegal here o.O I mean, I can buy bear spray, but I can’t use it on people like that, man.

Besides, it’s not like he was being really forceful or anything, it was just weird.

Indeed :3 I have too many of these things and I just keep making more because it’s kinda fun haha

That sucks. Come to Canada. We have lots of snow. We’ll share. I’m tired of winter. I don’t like it.

Awesome! And thanks. Merry Christmas to you too! :D

Well, sucks for them then haha

It’s just a cold though. Not the flu. And besides, everybody is sick right now. Even my coworkers, so it’s just a matter of time before I get sick anyway. Might as well get it from him.

He refuses to draw for me OTL

We had a good night though. We pretty much just snuggled the whole time and talked about stuff. He’s got a cold so he wasn’t feeling so great, but he said he felt better when he was with me, even though he was sick :3

Although there were smooches despite the fact that he’s sick. Mostly because he already got me sick ._.

We ate at a restaurant the other day. And do you have any idea how cold it is here? There’s no chilling on the hood of a car. Thats just called freezing your ass off. Video games dont work properly because I dont really have much for two player games and last time we did that we ended up playing Mario party for 4 hours… ._.


My dad tried using a screw driver and it didn’t work too well, but yeah, I’ll try that. Thanks :3


My dad tried using a screw driver and it didn’t work too well, but yeah, I’ll try that. Thanks :3