Uncle Daryl please never take your shirt off again. You look like sasquatch. It’s slightly terrifying.

Oh! Almost forgot. My job interview went well. But he said he has interviewed a lot of other people. He said he will call me next week and let me know whether i got the job or not. I hope I get it. He said everything that they do there is basically the same as what I did at my old job so that is promising and that gives me a huge advantage over others.

Brian left. Now it’s just grandpa and wayne and me. Uncle Wayne will be the death of me. Oh now Jordan joined us. He’s probably leaving soon. I think grandpa dozed off watching hockey.

Uncle Wayne nicknamed me wiener girl. I will never know why.

Grandpa has joined the hockey party.

Never mind. Now it’s just Alex’s dad. If I had known everyone was getting in the damn pool I would have too. Too late now. Bluh.

At an indoor pool with Alex’s family for an Easter gathering. I didn’t wanna go swimming so I’m sitting here watching hockey with Alex’s dad and two uncles. It’s not very exciting. Kinda wish I had brought a bathing suit so I wouldn’t be spitting here doing nothing. If I would have known all the aunts were gonna swim I would have too. Whatever. No big loss. Although all the cousins are boys so maybe me in a bikini wouldn’t be such a great idea.

Job interview today. I’m super nervous. Any advice?

I went job hunting yesterday and handed out some resumes.

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I’m knitting my cat a sweater. This is going to be the most epic thing ever, guys.

ahahahahah I have an exam this evening and I’m wasting time on tumblr instead of studying. I’m a useless pile of trash.

I remember last year at this time every day my dash would be exploding and now it’s just dead. It’s kind of disappointing.

I made a friend at the bar the other night and it was incredibly easy to find him on facebook. Well, mission accomplished then. If he tries to find me, he will have one hell of a time lol

Why do some guys think it’s cool to wear their pants under their asses? Cause its not. We don’t wanna see your asses hanging out so pull up your fucking pants.

Corrine is literally the best roommate. Like I was having a rough time and she sat down and talked to me and stuff and is always so nice and she was making sure that I am okay and stuff and she is so nice and I am going to miss living with her so much she’s just the best. I’m so glad I met her. She’s a great friend.