Nevermind. Too much work and I’m tired.

I’m in such a good mood today. Maybe I should dress up and post a new selfie just because fuck you is why.

Smoked pot with some friends the other night

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I haven’t been online much lately because I’ve been working and now I finally have my custom desktop computer so maybe I’ll be online a little more often. I now just need a bit more RAM, a kick ass graphics card, and a wireless card. I installed some of my software so soon I will be able to start drawing digital art more and hopefully I’ll be able to upload stuff once in a while. I’m glad I finally have a really nice computer rather than a shitty little laptop like before.

Sometimes when shopping for things I get distracted by cleavage on the pictures. Then I have to try to make sure my family doesn’t catch me staring cause my gay is showing.

I saw some other people doing the cat icon thing and I wanted to do it too so I made it look like my kitty, Puter.



I can’t decide which of these backpacks to buy for school next year. Help?

  1. I like this one because Fox Racing stuff is just awesome
  2. This one is fantastic because my bike is a Honda
  3. I like this one because my bike has an FMF exhaust

I would like to buy one soon because a few of them are on sale right now and it’s probably a good idea to snap it up while it’s on sale.


You guys are no help. I ended up ordering the first one because my family said they really liked it and I like it too. I needed help today because it’s free shipping today and I didn’t feel like spending an extra 7 bucks. There are almost 300 of you guys and yet almost no one talks to me. I feel so loved.

I got three shifts this last week at the factory. They were supposed to call me again yesterday and tell me what my shifts are for next week. They didn’t call me. That means There are no hours for me next week. I’m fucking pissed.

Okay so the printing press already hired me, but the people at the greenhouse in the next town over want me to come in for an interview today and like if I can get a full time job there I would gladly take it over the printing press. I would get to be outside all day every day instead of in a noisy building. I really hope the interview goes well and I hope I get the job. Then I can tell the people at the factory to stick it. They treat their employees like shit anyway.

So I got a job. I’m going to be working in the factory. Binding books. I had the interview today and they gave me a job offer email right after. I’m pretty proud of myself cause I kicked that interview’s ass.

I’m going clubbing this weekend with some people and I’m super excited!!!! I get to go with my friend Don and my friends Eric and Kaeli and some other people they know and it’ll be so much fun! I’ve never done anything like this before. Yeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

Feeling anxious so I decided to sit at my old desktop and do a little blogging. This thing is ancient and it has been so long since I have used this bastard. I kind of miss it.

Oh, got back from my bike ride while ago. Biked two miles. The first mile was with wind so the mile back was really shitty. But I had a decent time and I love my new bike!