Purple & White :-)


Purple: 10 facts about my room. 1) blue walls 2) drawings and written out lyrics plastered all over said walls 3) my mirror has stickers on it from when I was little 4) I have a broken CD player in the corner….since I was 12. 5) I painted my lamp myself. It’s just splattered paint :3 6) I stole my dad’s computer speakers cause they kick ass and make my room sound so wonderful 7) shit everywhere 8) I have a guitar……that I don’t know how to play 9) I have a vast CD collection that continues to grow 10) I have a puppy calender :3

White: 3 facts about my personality 1) I love being with people and at the same time I’m not very social. 2) I belong to so many fandoms it would probably make anybody else die by the amount of fangirl attacks 3) I am an extremely cuddly person. I always wanna hug people and cuddle.

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