But why the last one though
what am I not getting

I can’t breath…I have not laughed this hard in years 

Okay, quick story about the last one- I go to this school too, and the creative writing teacher is rad as hell (like the kind to give out free coffee on fridays)

After all of the kids have submitted their short stories, he reads them all for the first time to his two kids, who help him grade them, in a way.

One time, a girl wrote a story about a sheep, named Trixie, making her dream come true by moving to the big city to become an actress, a singer, or whatever (he was pretty vague on the description) 

She took a bus and a few trains and finally ended up in the ‘Big City’, where she tries to make her dream come true.

Now I dont remember the exact sequence of events that came next, but Trixie the sheep eventually ended up becoming a prostitute mid-sentence.

Our teacher didnt really realize this at the time, since it was his first time reading it, and to his kids he was caught completely off guard. And lets just say he had to explain a few new concepts to his kids that night..

And that’s why we can’t write any more stories about Trixie going to the Big City.



If you think cats can’t love you as much as a dog then you’ve obviously never had one come lay beside you and purr while you’re in the middle of a crying fit


shout out to people who reblog my art

it’s like when you doodle something and your mom puts it up on the fridge except it’s the internet

Saw Machine Gun Kelly live last night. It was fucking awesome and he called me the baddest bitch in the world! I was on my bro’s shoulders and as he rapped the line “There she is, the baddest bitch in the world,” he pointed at me and was looking at me and I felt so fucking awesome and it was such an amazing show omg it was the best night of my life. I can’t wait to see him again. Hopefully next time I’ll get to meet him. Now I have to learn Baddest Bitch. I know Sail really well, but now I gotta start learning more songs. I love MGK. Like, I have never liked a rap artist this much ever. He is just fantastic.



  1. I want this story to be written
  2. I don’t want this story to be written by anyone but me
  3. I don’t want to write this story



This is an accessory store where everything is $1.

They even have cosmetics! brushes, lipstick, and lashes as well as cute socks and panties!!

Every once in a while I get emails from fanfiction about my old account and every so often somebody will favorite one of my stories, follow it, and then follow and favorite me as well. And none of these 14 year old girls know how ashamed I am of my old fanfictions. They are all so awful.